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Fighter Jet Experience (The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush!!!)

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Fighter Jet Experience Itinerary

  • 30 minute pre-briefing
  • 45 minutes or 1 hour flight
  • Luxury gift bag with DVD video of your flight
  • Pilot will let you fly the jet
    There’s nothing else like this once in a lifetime experience!!

Do you want to fly through the air at unimaginable speeds?  Our fighter jet experience is an unforgettable day of excitement, adrenaline, and luxury. If you’ve ever dreamed of flying a fighter jet, or you’re looking for the most intense thrill, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Ultimate Fighter Jet Experience

We provide all the necessary equipment, professional training, transportation and other accommodations you might want. All you have to do is step into the limo (or bell jet helicopter) ready for a day of excitement.

Once you’ve arrived and you’re ready to go, you can choose to fly your own plane and try out some formation flying or air maneuvers. Remember to smile — we’ll take a video and images of your experience.

After you’ve had enough exhilaration for one day, we will arrange a more relaxing evening, where you could do activities such as:

  • Take a seaplane to a private island
  • Enjoy cocktails on the beach
  • Have a tiki-torch lit dinner
  • Tour the private island and meet the island’s wildlife (deer, birds, etc.).

Our goal is to make sure you have everything you need to make your unforgettably amazing. If there is any other desire you can think of, we can make it happen.


The ultimate fighter jet experience is available in Florida, California, and Texas, and Arizona. The specific itinerary may change depending on which location you choose. Just contact us today to find out how we can make your experience the Ultimate Jet fighter experience.



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Need Additional Accommodations?

Any accommodation can be added to the Ultimate Jet Fighter experience. Maybe you would like to stay the at a resort? We can book you a luxury penthouse for the night or even for the weekend.

Maybe you’d like to fly in a helicopter or even a stunt plane? We can make it happen!

We can help you with ALL your luxury accommodation needs: experiences, accommodations, dinners, etc.

You name it, we will get it for you!  No request is off the table!

Can you do group trips?

Absolutely, many people love doing the ultimate fighter jet experience with groups and we will make sure your group has everything you need.

Do we have to do all the items listed for this package?
No. We can accommodates to your desires. Tell us what you want and do not want and we will make it happen.

Can we do more than what is listed for this package?
Yes. Again, we can accommodate any of your needs. If there is an extra experience (or several) that you wish to add we can make that happen!


Fighter Jet Experience – Locations: Florida, California, Texas, & Southeast
OPTION #1: 30m, 45m, and 1 Hour Flights Available

  • Training Flights
  • Groups Welcome
  • Promotional & Filmed Available
  • Transport by Bell Jet Helicopter or Limousine  to fighter jet headquarters (Available).
  • YOU can experience the “Thrill of a lifetime” by taking An Incredible Flight in the Jet Fighter. The program consists of a 30 Minute pre-briefing with instruction provided by an ATP, Type Rated in L-39, Authorized Instructor in L-39, Aerobatic Instructor, Airshow Performer, CFIA, CFII, ASEL, ASES, MEI, AGI, and IGI.
  • You can choose from the following options: 1) a 45 Minute Flight; 2) a 30 Minute Flight. Note: Flight time is recorded from engine start to engine shut down.
  • Included: Equipment (helmet, flight suit, parachute, oxygen mask); still photos of flight.
  • Private Island Sea-side dinner (Available)
  • You Get to Fly it..Yank and Bank!
  • Florida & California Services
  • Gift Certificates Available
  • Gift Bag with DVD Video of your flight…
  • Limousine Service to & from Airports…

Fighter Jet Experience / Private Island Lunch or Dinner

  • Limousine Pickup & Transfer to Jet Helicopter (Miami)…
  • Fly at 200 feet South over Crystal Blue Ocean & Inland Waterways/Celebrity Mansions…
  • Land in Key Largo for Ocean Side Lunch…
  • Resume Helicopter Flight South Landing Next to Fighter Jet…
  • Climb Aboard L-39 Russian Fighter Jet…
  • Speed Along at over 500mph…
  • Dives, Rolls, Pull 4 “g’s” {Top Gun Manuevers} for your 30 Minute Flight…
  • Pilot Will Let You Fly Jet…
  • After Flight Seaplane to private island or limousine Pickup to Shore Station to Meet Private Island Boat Served with Incredible Tropical Island Drinks…
  • Meet & Greet at Island & Escorted to Your Special Seaside/Sunset Table Surrouded by Firey Tiki Torches & Baby Key Deer Visiting Your Table for a Little Snack…
  • After Dinner Drinks and Tour Private Island, RETURN!

Fighter Jet Ride – Western Location: Arizona & California

Suit up in an L-39 for Fighter Jet Formation Flying
  • Tail Chase
  • Fighter Maneuvers- Split-S, Aileron Rolls, Cloverleaf, Barrel Rolls
  • Simulated Air Combat against another L-39 Fighter Jet
Turn & Burn-Yank & Bank!

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