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Your Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Drive a Tank

Most civilians will never even get close to a tank, but through Millionaire’s Concierge, you will get to see what its like to live like a soldier and drive a tank. You’ll get to take this tank out on an open course and engage in a car and trailer crushing rampage!

Next, you’ll take a ride in our FV433 ABBOT and FV432 tanks through the woods where you will then get to try out 10 guns ranging from WWI to current models (Pistols, machine guns, sub machine guns, sniper rifles and a .50 cal Barret sniper rifle). You’ll get to wear an ACU (Army Combat Uniform) and have a “gourmet” army style MRE lunch (Meal Ready to Eat) in a cement bunker.

Learn what it’s like to be with the troops!

Any accommodation can be added to make this Tank Driving experience even more amazing. We can have a private catered dinner arranged by some world class chefs. We can arrange a hummer limo, or one of many different accommodations!

We cater to the rich and famous!

We can help you with ALL your luxury travel needs: flight, accommodations, experiences, dinners, etc.

You name it, and we will get it for you! No request is off the table!

Who is this vacation package for?

This is an extensive luxury experience, and is for people who want to live like Kings or Queens and experience world class attractions. It is not for people who only want a normal resort style stay at a hotel.

Do I have to do everything on the tour?

Nope, you only have to do the experiences that sound fun! The length the tour depends on your specific needs, and we can customize it to your schedule.

Contact us today for more details, and to learn about other experiences you can include as well!

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