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Do You Need College Football Tickets?

Millionaire Concierge’s can get you College Football tickets. See the tomorrow’s future stars today, as you experience these games like you never have before.

NCAA football is fuelled with excitement, at the Division I FCS level, the teams participate in a 20-team playoff to determine the national championship. Four teams receive a bye week on the first round, with the top five teams being seeded. The highest seed receives automatic home field advantage, while non seeded teams must bid for the right to host a playoff game.

Have a night out like the pros, enjoy champagne and cocktails like your favorite players while hanging out in a VIP lounge.

What are you waiting for?  Call us today, and we’ll make it happen!


Why should the game be the only exciting element of your College football experience?  When you enlist the services of Millionaire’s Concierge, we can arrange world-class hospitality before and after the event.

Travel to and from the venue in elegance and style via our limousine services, or enjoy the perks of VIP parking.  Stay in the most opulent hotels, enjoy private upscale dinners, or attend exclusive after-game parties.

No matter what your desire, we are here to accommodate you.  Let us know what your dream College football experience would be, and we’ll do the rest!

The College football season is an annual occurrence that usually takes place  between August to December. In order to accommodate you, please provide us notice of what games you’d like to attend, at least a few months in advance.

What kind of seats are available?

We have a wide selection of College football tickets which include front rows, 50 Yard Line and End Zone.  Whether you want to be within in yelling distance of the coach or seated behind the bench, we can get you there.

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