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Famous Star Cars of Hollywood For Rent…. Rent your Favorite Famous Star Car from 1 of your many famous TV Shows for your next….. Birthday Party, Corporate Event, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs or that VIP Party Etc…….THIS IS A GUARANTEED WOW-WOW FACTOR!!!

2003 S.L.O.W.  (Super Luxurious Omnidirectional Whatchamajigger) 

From the infamous Dr Seuss’s the cat in the hat. Driven by Mike Myers and built by Universal Studios at a cost of $1.2 million dollars. Besides its fame and glory of being a Suess mobile, it is truly a work of art. The quality and craftsmanship in building this car would impress the fussiest craftsmen out there! It is a real driving car capable of 47 mph powered by an electric motor. It is the only one in the world! The following is the builders own description of the car; early in pre-production, welch made a sketch of something that was part car, part plane and part boat. (“I wanted the car to have a sense of wit,” he notes.) What it eventually became was the s.l.o.w., which stands for super luxurious omnidirectional whatchamajigger” and which fit in perfectly with the cat’s other fantastical devices that he uses to deal with relatively simple problems. Designed by a team led by Herald Belker (who created the futuristic vehicles in minority report) and constructed by Tom Fisher’s special effects crew, the s.l.o.w. was custom built from the ground up and was electrically powered by a dozen 12-volt batteries. The fiberglass body had a sprayed aluminum finish and was accented by African mahogany paneling that gave it a passing resemblance to a Chris-Craft speedboat from the 1940s. The shape of the s.l.o.w. gave it a zeppelin-like appearance and at 23-feet long, the comparison was not that far off. The s.l.o.w. was piloted blind by a driver concealed behind the front seat. The rear-view mirror was actually a camera connected to a monitor next to the driver. Another technician stationed outside of the s.l.o.w. communicated with the driver via radio, advising him of objects beyond the camera’s field of vision and discussing maneuvers; the external technician also triggered various effects generated within the vehicle, such as flames and smoke. In addition to this astonishing car also displayed is the cat. A real, life like, statue built at a cost of $20,000 using the actual cat suit worn by Mike Myers in the movie. He looks real!

Engine Size: ELECTRIC Transmission: AUTOMATIC

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How old do I have to be to rent a vehicle?
All renters must be a minimum of 25 years of age.

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All rental rates are based on a 24 hour period.

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Do you deliver cars at the airport?
Yes, We have services in all major & small airports in South Florida, New York, Aspen, Las Vegas, LA / Beverly Hills and surrounding areas.

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Yes, we offer One way rentals, which are based on the length of the rental.

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Yes, All major hotels from South Florida, New York, Aspen, Las Vegas, LA / Beverly Hills and surrounding areas . Upon request we can deliver to desired location depending on the length of the rental.

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Yes, We deliver vehicles to any location in South Florida, New York, Aspen, Las Vegas, LA / Beverly Hills. Renter must be present at the time of drop off. Proper documentation must be faxed to us prior to delivery.


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