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State of the Art Aerobatic/Stunt Plane Experience

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Do you want to experience the most exhilarating, highest g-force experience available to civilians? Millionaire’s Concierge can give you the stunt plane experience beyond anything you’ve ever experienced — roller coasters don’t even compare.

Our EXTRA 300L Stunt Planes

We can get you into the only FAA certified two seat aerobatic aircraft that can pull up to 12 G’s of force.

Made almost completely of High tech carbon fiber, this plane’s fighter jet style canopy allows superb visibility. Fingertip control pressure makes flying this state of the art aircraft effortless. Climb into the cockpit of the worlds most successful two seat, certified, unlimited aerobatic aircraft.

For pure power, handling and performance, nothing matches the EXTRA 300L. This aircraft is fully certified up to 12 Gs and has the unbelievable roll rate of 360 degrees per second! This allows you to experience unlimited class aerobatic maneuvers such as tailslides, vertical snap and hesitation rolls, hammerheads, spins, knife edge and inverted flight. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

An Unmatched G-Force Thrill

This once in a lifetime adventure flight is an adrenalin filled aerobatic experience, if all you want to do is a loop and a roll then this flight is NOT for you. You will experience up to a maximum of 12 positive Gs during your flight. Your pilot will talk you through all of the maneuvers as they are flown and constantly monitor your comfort level to ensure that you experience the greatest thrill possible.

If you think roller coasters have a lot of G-force, take a look at this comparison to stunt plane flights:

  • 1 g – Standing on the Earth at sea level
  • 1.14 g – Saturn V moon rocket just after launch
  • 1.55 g – Bugatti Veyron from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 s
  • 3 g – Space Shuttle, maximum during launch and reentry
  • 3–6 g – High-g roller coasters
  • 4.2 g – Top drag racing world record
  • 5.4 g – Formula One car, maximum under heavy braking
  • 7 g – Standard, full aerobatics certified glider
  • 7.19 g – Apollo 16 on reentry
  • 9–12 g – Typical maximum in an aerobatic plane or fighter jet

The Full Experience

Millionaire’s Concierge doesn’t just get you to into a stunt plane: we give you the full Millionaire’s experience. Your unforgettable day will begin from the moment we pick you up in a luxury limo. After the stunt plane ride you then have several additional options, including:

  • A jet helicopter pick up from the airfield, where you will fly over Florida’s coastline, then have a seaside lunch in Key Largo at Gus’s Grill (plus a helicopter and limo ride home)


  • A helicopter ride over the Florida Keys (see sharks, stingrays etc.), then a boat ride to a private island for an oceanside, sunset dinner on the beach surrounded by tiki-torches and some baby key deer.

To learn how we can make your stunt plane experience unforgettable, contact us today.

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