Famous Star Cars For Rent – Speed Racer

Famous Star Cars For Rent – Speed Racer

Famous Star Cars of Hollywood For Rent…. Rent your Favorite Famous Star Car from 1 of your many famous TV Shows for your next….. Birthday Party, Corporate Event, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs or that VIP Party Etc…….THIS IS A GUARANTEED WOW-WOW FACTOR!!!

1984 Chevrolet

This is a streetable Speed Racer Mach 5 Inspired by the Speed Racer Cartoon. Speed Racer Enterprise had the idea to build 500 “real” Mach 5’s to be available to the public. Their intentions were to raise money while promoting child safety with the Child Safety Network. because of the high cost of the cars, only a few examples, estimated about 5, were built and sold.

This Mach 5 was the first one built and is considered the prototype.

Year: 1984 Make: Chevrolet Stock: speed

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