Famous Star Cars For Rent – Back to the Future

Famous Star Cars For Rent – Back to the Future

Famous Star Cars of Hollywood For Rent…. Rent your Favorite Famous Star Car from 1 of your many famous TV Shows for your next….. Birthday Party, Corporate Event, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs or that VIP Party Etc…….THIS IS A GUARANTEED WOW-WOW FACTOR!!!


Throw some banana peels and soda pop into the Mr. Fusion, set the dials back to 1985, hit 88mph, let the flux capacitor kick in and travel back in time to see the movie that made Michael J. Fox a household name and high top sneakers a must-have for any young adult. The stainless-steel DeLorean became one of the most popular collector cars of the 80s thanks to Universal Studios! This DeLorean, if not immediately recognized because of its fame, catches peoples eye because of its unique customizing and mad scientist look.

Year: 1984 Stock: BTFRENT Engine Size: V-6 Transmission: AUTOMATIC

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